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Confessions of a Sixth-Year Gryffindor

Isabel's Diary

Isabel Clarise Porter
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~ A B O U T - T H I S - J O U R N A L ~
This journal is for role-playing purposes at onceupona_hp & hih_thegame. All posts are in character. Only members of the games may friend this journal. If you are a member, please friend me & I'll friend you back. ♥

You can send Isabel an owl here. Howlers, on the other hand, should go here.

~ C H A R A C T E R - I N F O ~
Character: Isabel Clarise Porter
Age: 16
Born: April 17
Year: Sixth
House: Gryffindor
Lineage/Heritage: British/Muggleborn

11-inch willow with dragon heartstring core
(Willow is known as the tree of enchantment. It is famous for its unique healing properties and is used to generate great psychic energy as an aid in divination. Willow is also good for charm work. Dragon heartstring is excellent for hexes.)

Isabel is a kind friend, but has a strong stubborn streak in her. She tends to be impulsive when making her own decisions, but her outgoing personality tends to win her friends. Isabel is outspoken, and says exactly what’s on her mind- and tends to be rather transparent with her emotions, despite her own efforts to hide them at times. A little obsessive, she tends to throw everything she’s got into the task at hand, whatever it might be.

Physical Appearance/PB:
Isabel has long, dark brown hair and an olive complexion. Her eyes are a soft brown shade, and her build is a little on the small side. An undeniably pretty girl, Isabel stands about 5’7” tall, and has a friendly (but mischievous) smile. She tends to wear a rather serious expression when she’s thinking about something, especially if that something is a school assignment. Kristen Kreuk is the body model.

Past History:
Isabel was raised by her muggle parents, who, being affluent and busy members of British society, often left her under the care of her grandfather. It was he who told her the fairy stories that first sparked her imagination, though at the time she had no idea how close to reality those stories were. Isabel's parents, distracted by their own lives, didn't seem to care that much when Isabel got her Hogwarts letter. If it didn't interupt their social calender, it wasn't a problem. Her grandfather, however, was just as pleased and thriled as she was. He continues to be supportive of her and the two of them exchange letters frequently while Isabel is in school.
A good student by nature, Isabel has done her best to do well at Hogwarts, and has thus far succeeded. She has an pet owl named Birchbark whom she loves most dearly, and though she is a huge (some might say fanatical) supporter of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, she doesn’t much like flying herself. Still, a true Gryffindor, she continually tries to overcome her fears, whatever they may be, and flying (however frightening she may find it) is something she's not giving up on any time soon.
In the past, Isabel has been carefree and flirtatious in relationships, mostly because her independent nature doesn’t see a reason for taking things too seriously. She is fun-loving, generally easy-going (unless provoked) and once you've won her trust- a fiercly devoted friend. She is, as a rule, very wary of Slytherins, seeing as generally they tend to victemise muggleborns like herself. That said, anything that she has to take, she can dish right back out.
Once she believes in something, practically nothing can change her mind about it. The more lost the cause, the better.
She has two nick-names: Isie, to her friends, and Bella, to her grandfather. Her mother dispises nicknames and calls her by her full name, Isabel Clarise, all the time, much to Isabel's annoyance.

~ her friends ♥
~ cheering at the quidditch matches
~ tea
~ fashion
~ parties
~ sweets
~ downtown London
~ having fun!

~ Slytherin elitists
~ being bored
~ black coffee (ick!)
~ sushi :p

List of Classes for Current Year:
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

~ P L A Y E R - I N F O ~
Well....for anyone who's curious: My name is Aletheia (aka Leia to my pals) and I'm a college student currently living in Chicago. I keep a regular journal as well, where I go by the username aranelya. Feel free to friend me there as well ♥ I was sorted into Gryffindor at hogwartsishome. Lions for the cup!!!

also plays: julia_davies

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